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Upcoming Court Date
Please be advised that you should seek consultation immediately upon receiving any notice for hearings regarding the landlord-tenant dispute as most hearings have a short turnaround time frame. The firm will assist with emergency type of situations at a surcharge with less than 24 hours notice.
Rental Property Location? *
Rental Property Location?
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What day is rent due? *
What day is rent due?
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When was the last rent payment made?
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Was the South Carolina 5 Day Grace Period observed? *
Did the landlord send a written notice to the tenant after the rent due date stating the tenant had five days to pay rent or face eviction?
Was the South Carolina 14 Day Grace Period to cure lease violations observed? *
Did the landlord send a written notice to the tenant after the alleged lease violation stating the tenant's lease violation and that the tenant had 14 days to cure the defect?
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