Maritime & Admiralty Law

Maritime and Admiralty Law is an intricate, complex area of the law fraught with regulations to make compliance a legal nightmare. Maritime and Admiralty law primarily concerns the vessel by creating a legal fiction that the vessel is a separate and distinct legal entity to afford recourse against contract disputes, personal injury claims, and liens concerning that vessel. 

The Dickson Davis Law Firm handles the following types of legal services:

  • Maritime Accidents & Personal Injury
  • Marine Insurance
  • Maritime Liens and Vessel Arrests
  • Maritime Contracts

There are key issues to determine as to whether you have a maritime & admiralty claim or not, and whether you can bring your claim in federal or state court depending on the nature of your case. Again, the question of what law applies may also change the nature of your claim and which law to apply to your claim. Maritime and Admiralty Law related to South Carolina is federalism on stage as to the extent that South Carolina law adopts and incorporates federal law. 

Title 50 of the South Carolina Code primarily governs the use, maintenance, purchase, or sale of vessels, or watercrafts in South Carolina:

The interrelationship between federal law and state law concerning your legal issues matters. 

Federal Law governing maritime & admiralty law is broad and complex:

Additionally, the Dickson Davis Law Firm also deals with non-maritime issues as well:

  • Sale of Vessels
    • Document Review for the Sale of Vessels
    • Drafting a Purchase-Sale Agreements for the Sale of Vessels
    • Title abstract for the Sale of Vessels
    • Verification of unpaid or paid personal property taxes regarding the Sale of Vessels 
    • Closing Attorney for the Sale of Vessels
    • Verification for the status of a Vessel as a Documented Vessel
  • Recreational Boating Accidents (Personal Injury)

Talk with the Dickson Davis Law Firm to explore your options after a thorough consultation. We are here to help you make a meaningful decision regarding your current maritime needs or claims, or related non-maritime needs or claims. 

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