Common Issues to Consider


When choosing a personal injury attorney, consider the following issues:

  • Even if you attempt to settle your case, often, an attorney can assist with potentially a more effective recovery because of the nature of the legal process operating in the background that hangs over the settlement process like an albatross for the person or entity who injured or harmed you.
  • If you go to trial, and the jury finds that you are more than 50% at fault for causing the harm or injury, then you may not recover anything. If the jury finds that you are anywhere from 1%-49% at fault for causing the harm or injury, then your money award will be reduced by the same percentage you are at fault pro rata. 
  • Also, if third parties are indirectly involved such as insurance companies, Medicare, and so forth, then there may be other collateral issues that may also reduce your net money award. 
  • Another factor to consider is whether you signed a contingency fee agreement. If you signed a contingency fee agreement, then the attorney fees come out of your money award and may well reduce your net money award.
  • A key issue is whether the cost of representation may far outweigh any benefits from pursuing the case when the outcome may not help you in a meaningful way. The costs of representation should always be transparent for you to weigh your options. 
  • The Statute of Limitations may also squash your claim if too much time has passed from the injury or harm until the time of filing the law suit. 


Defining Personal Injury

Why does Personal Injury Matter?

Transparency in Billing Practices