Transparency in Billing Practices


For personal injury matters, three main forms of billing exist: hourly billing, flat fee billing, and a contingency fee contract. One of the most common reasons clients report attorneys to the bar association is for attorney billing practices.  The Dickson Davis Law Firm believes in transparent billing practices. Because, having transparent billing practices is just good business sense.

Deborah Dickson Davis, who is the managing attorney, hails from a business background prior to becoming an attorney. Ms. Davis is in tune with consumer expectations from the business world, and believes accommodating to everyday consumer expectations in the practice of law with respect to attorney billing practices.  

The issue is whether the value of your case warrants the cost of litigation. You may still very well proceed with your case, but, if the likelihood of the recovery will more than likely only cover the cost of litigation leaving you with very little meaningful recovery, then the discussion between the attorney and the client is whether to pursue your case at all.

No law firm or attorney may guarantee the outcome of any case nor promise you a certain dollar figure amount as your reward under the South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct. The decision to proceed with a personal injury law suit, unfortunately, is a financial decision based on the client weighing the risks of litigation. 

Talk with the Dickson Davis Law Firm to explore your options after a thorough consultation. We are here to help you make a meaningful decision regarding your situation. 

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