Challenges Facing Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

For many same-sex couples, marriage as a constitutional right has been upheld by the Supreme Court. However, many same-sex couples have faced difficulty in this area. While South Carolina courts have held banning same-sex marriages in South Carolina, challenges may still persist.

Same-sex couples still need to account for estate planning for their relationship with their partner. With the more progressive outlook on same-sex relationships involving children, the need for estate planning is even more paramount. Some same-sex couples do not get married, but, consider themselves married nonetheless in a life-time committed relationship.

If your partner is in an emergency, and has to be treated by the hospital, same-sex spouses may have difficulty assisting the partner with medical treatment or simply visiting the partner.

Issues also arise from the separation or divorce of same-sex marriages, including custody issues (for both actual children or posthumous children born after separation or divorce. These matters then deal with issues of family law as well.

A number of tools are at the disposal of same-sex couples regarding contracts, wills, power of attorney to protect your loved one in the event of a lifetime crisis or the death of a spouse.

The Dickson Davis Law Firm provides the same services to assist same-sex couples with the tools in place to give same-sex couples peace of mind in various situations. It is important to understand how same-sex couples can seek legal tools to protect same-sex relationships in the same manner as legally recognized marriages.

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