The Courtroom

Once a Battlefield. . . Now, Let's Make a Deal?


The stakes are high. The cards are stacked against you. Plea bargaining has transcended the administration of justice. Hence, the Criminal Defense attorney plays either the advocate or the skilled negotiator. Today, obviously, plea negotiations dominate the pretrial process and dictate a different strategy of being a skilled negotiator.

Even if you decide to accept a plea bargain, an attorney can still balance the scales by ferreting out the weak spots in the State's case and attempting to get better terms for you during the pretrial process. Sometimes, a trial may be the better strategy, but, the stakes are often higher with harsher sentencing. And, clients often experience great anxiety during the process.

Whatever you decide at each step of representation, the Dickson Davis Law Firm is ready to be on the front lines with you, ready to toe the line, and ready to put up a fight. Bring it on.

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