Transparency in billing Practices


Because the arena is different, the cost of representation during the pretrial process is less than going to trial. But, if going to trial may be advisable, and you wish to go to trial, the Dickson Davis Law Firm is ready to test the State's case. 

Based on the nature of your case, the Dickson Davis Law Firm offers a flat fee billing for the three separate stages of representation: pretrial, trial, and appeal. The Dickson Davis Law Firm also offers a flat fee for bond hearings and bond revocation hearings.

Additionally, the Dickson Davis Law Firm offers a 10% discount if you pay in full at each stage of representation.

If you do not pay in full at the time of retaining the Dickson Davis Law Firm at each of stage of representation, then the Dickson Davis Law Firm requires a 50% deposit, and you may set up a monthly payment plan for the remainder balance due. 

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